Statement of the president


Shosuke Mori
President, International Superconductivity
Technology Center

Since the establishment in January 1988, ISTEC has engaged in the superconductivity --related survey, the basic research, and the R&D toward practical applications, as well as the promotion of international relationship, with receiving the active support and cooperation from our partners. In terms of the survey and the international relationship, we have received high recognition from domestic and international researchers, and other related persons for our information disclosure of search reports, hosting of symposia and the international superconductivity summit.

In terms of research and development, we began with the characterization of superconductor materials’ fundamental property and search for new materials, then shifted emphasis on pursuit of fundamental technologies with our focus on its practical applications.

In the area of bulk production, these materials have already been turned into industrial products, and devices that use these materials are in their final stages for the commercial products. We have also achieved steady advances toward practical applications in the areas of YBCO coated conductors and electronic devices development, and have largely contributed to the global development of superconductor technology.

Today, Japan, the U.S. and Europe are vigorously competing in the field of R&D for high temperature superconductor technology applications. The superconductor technology is expected to contribute to a wide variety of fields, such as energy, electronics, transportation, medicine and environmental improvement through the realization of equipments that were unachievable with any conventional technologies as well as significant improvement in their performances. The superconductor technology, therefore, bears great anticipation as a technology that will sustain society in the 21st century.

We moved our main office in Kanagawa prefecture in the summer 2013 to cope with higher expectation more vigorously in further efficient manner by continuously streamlining our organization and business activities. We would continue R&D work vividly in corporation with the concerned industries, universities and research institutes, which would result in the advancement of superconductor-related industry and promotion in higher level of science and culture. We would sincerely hope our activities contribute to growth of the world economy and realization of a bright and prosperous society. We sincerely hope that we may continuingly receive still greater support from our partners.

(Original is in Japanese. Transrated by the Istec Secretariat.)