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Annouunment ot Disbanding of ISTEC
On June 9th , 2016, the meeting with the board of councilors in ISTEC was held.
In the meeting, it was decided that ISTEC shall be disbanded on June 9th, 2016, considering the difficulty in pursuing the objectives of ISTEC.
The functions owned by ISTEC were already transferred to other organizations and the activity concerning such as development and dissemination of superconductivity technology in Japan would be surely continued and promoted.
Annouunment ot ISS2017,
ISS2017 will be held in the following scheme.
1.Date; December 13(Wensday) to 15(friday),2016 2.Venue; Iino hall
3 Organizer; National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
4.Detail of Conference; Will be announced from AIST.
5.Contact ;
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Tsukuba Innovation Arena (TIA) Central Office
Dr.Hirofumi Yamasaki E-mail; h.yamasaki@aist.go.jp
tel +81-29-861-5264 fax +81-29-862-6048
2nd of April 2015, we opened ISS2015 Home Page. ISS2015 will be held Nov.16-18,2015 at Tower Hall FUNABORI,Tokyo,Japan.
New Executive Positions in SRL in April 1st.2014 and after
  • Dr.Keiichi Tanabe; Director General (former Deputy DG)
  • Dr.Teruro Izumi; Deputy Director General
  • Dr.Yuh Shiohara; Honorable Director General (former DG)
  • Dr.Keiichi Tanabe is continuing to be the manager of Materials/Physics Electronic Devices Div..
    Dr.Teruro Izumi is continuing to be the manager of HTS Conductor Processing & Power Applications Div..
    Dr.Yuh Shiohara will be engaged in part time adviser.

1st of July 2013, ISTEC Secretariat has moved to "Kanagawa Science Park(KSP)".Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa Pref.. (See; “Contact Us” .
At the same time, SRL has changed her organization, and sets up “HTS Conductor Processing & Power Applications Div.” and “ Materials / Physics & Electronic Devices Div. Both will also move to KSP and new "Hiyoshi Lab." by mid-August.
International Workshop on Novel Superconductors and Super Materials 2013
ISTEC attended the ASC International Conference.
The Nikkei (front-page feature of the evening edition), published 7th September 2012, featured articles on ISTEC’s R&D activities.
The latest issue of OPTICS+ELECTRONICS (O PLUS E) featured an article highlighting the R&D activities of ISTEC.
Physica C accepted journal manuscript submitted by Adachi, Senior Research Scientist.
“Tech-On”, an online publication of Nikkei BP, featured the Superconductivity Research Laboratory, ISTEC.
ISTEC attended the International Cryogenic Engineering Conference ? International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICEC24-ICMC2012).
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