International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS)

The International Superconductivity Symposium (ISS) - the world's biggest annual international symposium with an international reputation, involves a mixture of research conference presentations and social exchanges (keynote speech, invited lecture, poster presentation etc) between researchers in superconductivity from both Japan and abroad. The aim of the ISS is to promote R&D activities, the potential application of superconductivity industrial technologies, as well diffusing and educating the general public about potential technologies based on superconductivity. The ISS also combines company exhibitions to create new industries and exploit potential business opportunities that may arise between existing technologies and companies.
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International Superconductivity Industry Summit (ISIS)

The purpose of ISIS is to promote international cooperation and open discussion between national industries, governments and universities on the status and future of global research and development in superconductivity. The ISIS will explore opportunities for effective exchange of information on research findings and progress, identify technology gaps, and discuss international cooperative programs in promising industrial applications of superconductivity.
In May 1992, the first ISIS was held in Washington, DC in the United States. Since then, the Summits were held in Europe , the US and Japan.

ISIS One scene from the meeting

所長 会議風景


MeetingDateLocationMain Theme
ISIS-22November 21-22, 2013Fujikawaguchiko
Yamanashi, Japan
Strategic approach to commercialization
ISIS-21October 4-6, 2012Portland, Oregon, USAInternational Status and Future Projections for Superconductivity
ISIS-20November 1, 2011Konjiam Resort, Korea100 years of Superconductivity - Role in an Era of Renewable Energy
ISIS-19October 5-6, 2010Sestri Levante , Italy.Enabling Sustainable Solutions
ISIS-18February 9-11, 2010Wellington, New ZealandThe next step in superconductivity - HTS a commercial reality
ISIS-17October 30-31, 2008Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JapanExpansion of Superconductor Applications
ISIS-16August 29-30,2007Philadelphia,USAGovernment Support
ISIS-15September 28-29, 2006Erlangen, Germany20 Years of High-Temperature Superconductors- Successes and Challenges
ISIS-14October 27-28, 2005Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JapanCommercialization and Future Market
ISIS-13October 7-8, 2004Jacksonville, Florida,USAInfrastructure;Challenges and Solutions
ISIS-12September 21-23,2003Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, GermanyToward Stronger lnternational Collaboration
ISIS-11November 17-19,2002Keio Inter-Continental Tokyo, JapanKey toward Commercialization
ISIS-10March 14-16, 2002La Posada de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM, USAApplications and Markets
ISIS-9October 1-3, 2000NKT Conference Center, Copenhagen, DenmarkSuperconductivity Technologies and its Future
ISIS-8Oct 12-14, 1999Kyoto Kokusai Hotel, Kyoto,Japan*Superconductivity Technology
*Learning from Venture Businesses
ISIS-7Oct 11-13, 1998Willard Intercontinental,Washington,DC,USAGrand Challenges for 21st Century:Panel Discussions
ISIS-61Sept 17-19, 1997Conference Center, Florence, Italy*Present Status of Technology and Market Development /Road Maps
 ISIS-5May 14-16, 1996Hotel MT' Fuji Yamanakako, Yamanashi, Japan*Worldwide Market Forecast for Superconductivity (2nd) *Technical Tour: Yamanashi Maglev Test Line
ISIS-4July 24-25, 1995ANA Hotel Washington, DC, USA*Education for Commercialization of Superconductivity
*Superconductivity-A Global Perspective (Pamphlet)
ISIS-3May 17-19, 1994Nartwell House Hotel NR. Aylesbury, UK*Practice Rutes to Commercialization
*Exhibition of Superconductivity Technologies
 ISIS-2May 14-16, 1993Hakone Prince Hotel Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan*Towards Wider Commercialization of Superconductivity
*Worldwide Market Forecast for Superconductivity
ISIS-1May 11-13, 1992Wyndham Bristol Hotel Washington, DC, USA*The Global Future Vision for Superconductivity


CONECTUS ( Consortium of European companies Determaine to Use Superconductivity): was formed in 1993 by organizations with promote the commercialization of superconductivity, in order to strengthen cooperation among EU countries. The success in establishing CONECTUS is largely due to efforts made by the Sir Martin Wood of the U.K. and Prof. Dr. Helmut Piel of Germany . An organization which encompasses the entire EU is revolutionary, raising the hope of stronger cooperation between Japan, the United States and Europe.


CCAS (Coalition for the Commercial Application of Superconductors) was established in October, 2002 as a successor of CSAC. The mission of CCAS is to provide a united voice on public policy issues of common interest to superconductivity stakeholders. Members of CCAS seek to ensure that the benefits of superconductors are fully realized and accelerated by supporting robust federal government support of related programs and activities. CCAS provides a way for members to exchange information, educate key policy makers, and unite to advocate for key priorities and adequate funding of programs on superconductor-related research, development and demonstration projects


NZHTSIA (New Zealand High Temperature Superconductivity Industry Association) is a New Zealand industry organization whose aim is to build a significant high technology industry in New Zealand based on their current world-leading capability in High Temperature Superconductors (HTS). The NZHTSIA joined ISIS as an official member in 2008.