International Superconductivity Technology Center (ISTEC)


International Superconductivity Technology Center (ISTEC) was established as a nonprofit foundation on 21st January 1988, with the approval of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, pursuant to Article 34 of the Civil Code of Japan.
As of 1st April, 2012, ISTEC changed its legal status to a public interest incorporated foundation after receiving authorization under Article 44, on the Act on the Rearrangement of Relevant Acts upon the enforcement of the Act on General Incorporated Associations and General Incorporated Foundations, and the Act on Authorization of Public Interest Incorporated Associations and Public Interest Incorporated Foundations.


ISTEC will actively engage in promoting widespread R&D as well as investigations ranging from fundamental research to the application of superconductivity in order to facilitate the smooth promotion of superconductivity-related research activities, with the aim of contributing to the prosperity of Japan’s superconductor industry and academic/cultural enrichment.


Under an internationally open framework and through partnership and cooperation among industry, academia and government, ISTEC aims to promote research operations, with comprehensive R&D and investigations ranging from fundamental research to applications, as well as promoting its popularization, education and international standardization, in a research-focused business structure.

  1. R&D and Investigations
    An array of R&D activities that focus on fundamental research into theoretical and fundamental evaluation of the physical properties of superconducting materials, the exploration of new materials, and also superconducting technology applications for wires, equipments and superconducting devices utilizing superconducting materials. Additionally, as a part of the R&D activities, an assessment of superconductivity technology trends in Japan and abroad as well as their potential applications to industrial fields are undertaken.

  2. Popularization and International Exchange
    ISTEC facilitates an active arena to exchange and share information on R&D research outcomes and investigations, through the following popularization activities and international exchange programs.
    • International Superconductivity Symposium (ISS), The Forum on Superconductivity Technology Trends
    • Cooperation with superconductivity research institutes in Europe and USA, and participation in the International Superconductivity Industry Summit (ISIS)
    • Publication of web-based magazines on superconductivity and providing information via homepage

  3. International Standardization
    ISTEC will aim to promote an international standardization of superconductivity from R&D research outcomes and investigations. ISTEC, as Secretariat of IEC/TC90 Domestic Committee, where Japan holds the Secretarial role, will undertake its operations, make draft standards, and build international agreements in addition to undertaking technological/needs surveys required for future standardization. Furthermore, ISTEC will contribute to form a version of the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) from international standards related to superconductivity.

  4. Others
    ISTEC will undertake the business operations required to achieve the above-mentioned purpose.

Organization of ISTEC (2013.7.1.)

ISTEC SRL organization chart