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 2011 List of Paper

2011 List of Paper: Advanced Materials & Physics Division (*):First Author's
1Transport Characterization of GdBa2Cu3O7-delta Coated Conductors Deposited by the In-Plume PLD Reel-to-Reel Technique *R.Fuger, N.Chikumoto, T.Izumi, T.Kiss, S.Lee, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21(2011) 3154-3158
2Microstructural characterization of GdBa2Cu3Oy superconductive layer fabricated by in-plume pulsed laser deposition *T.Kato, N.Chikumoto, T.Hirayama, T.Izumi, S.Lee, Y.Shiohara, K.Tanabe, R.Yoshida, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1012-1016
3The interaction of nanostripes and the twin structure in light-rare-earth-element-based 123-type high-T-c superconductors *MR.Koblischka, NH.Babu, U.Hartmann, A.Koblischka-Veneva, M.Muralidhar, T.Wolf, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 66-70
4Delamination behavior of Gd123 coated conductor fabricated by PLD *N.Sakai, N.Chikumoto, T.Izumi, S.Lee, K.Tanabe, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1075-1079
5Investigation of Three-Dimensional Current Distribution at Silver Diffusion Joint of RE-123 Coated Conductors Based on Magnetic Microscopy Combined With Finite Element Method *K.Higashikawa, N.Chikumoto, Y.Honda, M.Inoue, T.Izumi, T.Kiss, H.Okamoto, N.Sakai, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 3403-3407
6Application of a Compact Cryogen-free Superconducting Bulk Magnet to NMR -Evalution of a Superconducting Bulk Magnet using NMR Signal- *T.Nakamura, Y.Itoh, M.Yoshikawa, N.Sakai, S.Nariki, I.Hirabayashi, H.Utsumi, 低温工学 46-No3 (2011) 139-148
7Development of Shingle-domain Annular REBCO Bluk Superconductors for Compact Cryogen-free NMR *N.Sakai, S.Nariki, E.Teshima, M.Morita, I,Hirabayashi, T,Nakamura, Y.Itoh, M.Yoshikawa, H.Utsumi, 低温工学 46-No3 (2011) 131-138
2011 List of Paper: Superconducting Tapes & Wires Division (*):First Author's
1Scanning Hall-probe microscopy system for two-dimensional imaging of critical current density in RE-123 coated conductors *K.Higashikawa, Y.Iijima, K.Imamura, M.Inoue, T.Izumi, K.Kakimoto, T.Kawaguchi, T.Kiss, T.Saitoh, K.Shiohara, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1036-1040
2Possibility of Nd:YAG-PLD Method for Fabricating REBCO Coated Conductors *Y.Ichino, T.Izumi, I.Ono, Y.Shiohara, Y.Takai, Y.Yoshida, T.Yoshimura, M.Yoshizumi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 2949-2952
3Improvement of IBAD-MgO texturing for high throughput of buffered substrate *T.Ito, T.Izumi, R.Kuriki, K.Matsuse, Y.Takahashi, M.Tokumari, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 963-965
4Field Angle Dependence of Critical Current Density in YGdBCO Coated Conductor *M.Kiuchi, T.Izumi, T.Kato, T.Koida, T.Matsishita, J.Minami, M.Miura, ES.Otabe, Y.Shiohara, Y.Takahashi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 3210-3213
5Joint properties of REBCO coated conductors *T.Maebatake, Y.Ichinose, M.Inoue, T.Izumi, K.Kaneko, T.Kiss, N.Mori, M.Mukaida, S.Munetoh, R.Teranishi, K.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 987-989
6Mixed pinning landscape in nanoparticle-introduced YGdBa2Cu3Oy films grown by metal organic deposition *M.Miura, SA.Baily, L/Civale, N.Haberkorn, T.Izumi, B.Maiorov, K.Marken, Y.Shiohara, JO.Willis, PHYS REV B 83 (2011)
7Surface roughness of MgO thin film and its critical thickness for optimal biaxial texturing by ion-beam-assisted deposition *S.Miyata, A.Ibi, T.Izumi, Y.Shiohara, J APPL PHYS 109 (2011) 113922-1-6
8Hoop Stress Test of GdBa2Cu3Oy Coated Conductor *G.Nishijima, S.Awaji, T.Izumi, K.Minegishi, Y.Shiohara, K.Watanabe, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 3094-3097
9Measurement of local critical currents in TFA-MOD processed coated conductors by use of scanning Hall-probe microscopy *K.Shiohara, K.Higashikawa, M.Inoue, T.Izumi, T.Kawaguchi, T.Kiss, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1041-1044
10Thickness dependence of I-c and J(c) of LTG-SmBCO coated-conductor on IBAD-MgO tapes *Y.Takahashi, Y.Ichino, T.Izumi, T.Kato, Y.Shiohara, Y.Takai, Y.Yoshida, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 937-939
2011 List of Paper: Electronics Devices Division (*):First Author's
1Fabrication of Low-Noise HTS-SQUID Gradiometers and Magnetometers With Ramp-Edge Josephson Junctions *S.Adachi, T.Hato, Y.Ishimaru, Y.Oshikubo, K.Tanabe, A.Tsukamoto, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 367-370
2Fabrication of integrated HTS-SQUID magnetometers having multiturn input coils with different sizes *S.Adachi, T.Hato, Y.Oshikubo, K.Tanabe, A.Tsukamoto, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1258-1262
3Non-Destructive Testing of Each Layer in GdBCO IBAD-PLD Coated Conductor by Using a High-Speed Scanning Laser Observation System *T.Hato, S.Adachi, N.Chikumoto, S.Lee, T.Machi, K.Tanabe, M.Yashizumi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 3381-3384
4Non-destructive testing of multi-filamentary coated conductors by combination of a high-speed scanning laser observation system and a SQUID gradiometer array system *T.Hato, S.Adachi, T.Machi, K.Tanabe, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1045-1049
5Reduction of Radio Frequency Interference to HTS-dc-SQUID by Adding a Cooled Transformer *Y.Hatsukade, E.Arai, H.Katayama, Y.Kitamura, K.Tanabe, S.Tanaka, IEICE T ELECTRON E94C (2011) 266-272
6Characteristics of an HTS-SQUID gradiometer with ramp-edge Josephson junctions and its application on robot-based 3D-mobile compact SQUID NDE system *Y.Hatsukade, S.Adachi, K.Hayashi, Y.Kobayashi, Y.Shinyama, K.Tanabe, S.Tanaka, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1228-1233
7Biaxially textured cobalt-doped BaFe2As2 films with high critical current density over 1 MA/cm(2) on MgO-buffered metal-tape flexible substrates *T.Katase, H.Hiramatsu, H.Hosono, Y.Ishimaru, T.Kamiya, K.Tanabe, A.Tsukamoto APPL PHYS LETT 98 (2011)
8Advantageous grain boundaries in iron pnictide superconductors *T.Katase, H.Hiramatsu, H.Hosono, Y.Ishimaru, T.Kamiya, K.Tanabe, A.Tsukamoto, NAT COMMUN 2 (2011)
9Non-Destructive Evaluation of Deep-Lying Defects in Multilayer Conductors Using HTS SQUID Gradiometer *J.Kawano, S.Adachi, T.Hato, Y.Oshikubo, K.Tanabe, A.Tsukamoto, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 428-431
10Differential conductivity mapping of solar panels using a high-T-C superconductor SQUID *T.Kiwa, S.Adachi, N.Kataoka, S.Maeda, K.Miyake, K.Tanabe, K.Tsukada, A.Tsukamoto, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1238-1241
11High-Temperature Superconducting Gradiometer Coupled With Large Pickup Coil Made of GdBCO Coated Conductor *A.Tsukamoto, S.Adachi, K.Enpuku, T.Hato, Y.Oshikubo, K.Tanabe, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 358-362
12Fabrication of Integrated Two-Axis High-T-c Planar Gradiometer *A.Tsukamoto, S.Adachi, T.Hato, J.Kawano, Y.Oshikubo, K.Tanabe, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 363-366
13Progress of superconductive electronics and its future prospect *S.Hasuo, 応用物理学会誌 80-No5 (2011) 397-402
14The frontiers of superconductivity applications *K.Tanabe, 日本物理学会誌 66-No10 (2011) 773-782
2011 list of Paper: Low Temperature Superconducting Devices Laboratory (*):First Author's
1Design and Implementation of Component Circuits of an SFQ Half-Precision Floating-Point Adder Using 10-kA/cm(2) Nb Process *T.Kainuma, A.Fujimaki, F.Miyaoka, S.Nagasawa, Y.Shimamura, K.Takagi, N.Takagi, Y.Yamanashi, N.Yoshikawa, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21(2011) 827-830
2Clock Line Considerations for an SFQ Large Scale Reconfigurable Data Paths Processor *I.Kataeva, H.Akaike, A.Fujimaki, S.Nagasawa, N.Takagi, N.Yoshikawa, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 809-813
3Design and Fabrication of Integrated Cryogenic Current Comparators *M.Maezawa, M.Hidaka, K.Hinode, NH.Kaneko, S.Kiryu, M.Maruyama, S.Nagasawa, T.Oe, T.Satoh, C.Urano, T.Yamada, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21(2011) 728-733
4Design and Demonstration of a 5-Bit Flash-Type SFQ A/D Converter Integrated With Error Correction and Interleaving Circuits *H.Suzuki, K.Fujiwara, M.Hidaka, K.Ishihara, M.Maruyama, K.Nishii, M.Oikawa, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21(2011) 671-676
5100-GHz Single-Flux-Quantum Bit-Serial Adder Based on 10-kA/cm(2) Niobium Process *M.Tanaka, H.Akaike, A.Fujimaki, S.Nagasawa, K.Takagi, N.Takagi, Y.Yamanashi, N.Yoshikawa, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21(2011) 792-796
6Thickness and hole-shape dependence of flux penetration into square superconducting networks *Y.Tsuchiya, M.Hidaka, S.Nagasawa, Y.Nakajiama, T.Tamegai, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 808-811
2011 List of Paper: Electric Power Equipment Division (*):First Author's
1Effects of Lateral-Tailoring of Coated Conductor for Ac Loss Reduction of Superconducting Power Transmission Cables *N.Amemiya, Q.Li, K.Takeuchi, T.Nakamura, M.Yagi, S.Mukoyama, Y.Aoki, N.Fujiwara, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 943-946
2Ac loss reduction of multilayer superconducting power transmission cables by using narrow coated conductors *N.Amemiya, Q.Li, K.Ito K.Takeuchi, T.Nakamura, T.Okuma, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 24 (2011)
3Over-Current Characteristics of 275-kV Class YBCO Power Cable *A.Ishiyama, XD.Wang, H.Ueda, T.Uryu, M.Yagi, N.Fujiwara, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 1017-1020
4Degradation of YBCO Coated Conductors Due to an Over-Current Pulse *A.Ishiyama, M.Arai, H.Momotari, XD.Wang, H.Ueda, T.Saito, Y.Aoki, M.Yagi, T.Machi, N.Fujiwara, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 3025-3028
5Current Margin Against the Fault Current in REBCO Coated Conductors *A.Ishiyama, H.Momotari, XD.Wang, M.Arai, H.Ueda, , M.Ohya, K.Ohmatsu, N.Fujiwara, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 3033-3036
6Effects of Unevenly Distributed Critical Currents and Damaged Coated Conductors to AC Losses of Superconducting Power Transmission Cables *Q.Li, N.Amemiya, K.Takeuchi, T.Nakamura, N.Fujiwara, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 953-956
7Model Cable Tests for a 275 kV 3 kA HTS Power Cable *S.Mukoyama, M.Yagi, T.Yonemura, T.Nomura, N.Fujiwara, Y.Ichikawa, Y.Aoki, T.Saitoh, N.Amemiya, A.Ishiyama, N.Hayakawa, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 976-979
8Thermal Conductivity of YBCO Coated Conductors Reinforced by Metal Tape *T.Naito, H.Fujishiro, Y.Yamamura, K.Saito, H.Okamoto, H.Hayash, Fujiwara, Y.Gosho, Y.Shiohara, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 3037-3040
9Design and Evaluation of 66 kV Class HTS Power Cable Using REBCO Wires *M.Ohya, T.Setoguchi, H.Yumura, T.Masuda, N.Amemiya, O.Maruyama,T.Ohkuma, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 1009-1012
10Design and evaluation of 66 kV-class HTS power cable using REBCO wires *M.Ohya, H.Yumura, T.Masuda, N.Amemiya, A.Ishiyama, T.Ohkuma, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1279-1282
11Model for electromagnetic field analysis of superconducting power transmission cable comprising spiraled coated conductors *K.Takeuchi, N.Amemiya, T.Nakamura, O.Maruyama,T.Ohkuma, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 24 (2011)
12Over-Current Characteristics of 66-kV RE123 HTS Power Cable *XD.Wang, A.Ishiyama, M.Ohya, N.Fujiwara, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 1013-1016
13Progress of 275 kV-3 kA YBCO HTS cable *M.Yagi, S.Mukoyama, N.Amemiya, A.Ishiyama, X.Wang,Y.Aoki, T.Saito, T.Ohkuma, O.Maruyama, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1274-1278
14Bending characteristics of RE123 wire *Y.Yamada, Y.Yamada, T.Ohkuma, 低温工学 46-No5 (2011) 246-253
15Lateral critical current density distributions degraded near edges of coated conductors through cutting processes and their influence on ac loss characteristics of power transmission cables N.Amemiya, Q.Li, R.Nishino, K.Takeuchi, T.Nakamura, K.Ohmatsu, M.Ohya, O.Maruyama, T.Okuma, T.Izumi, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 990-994
16Development of a REBCO Superconducting Transformer With Current Limiting Function *M.Iwakuma, A.Tomioka, T.Otonari, T.Ogata, T.Tsutsumi, S.Sato, H.Hayashi, H.Okamoto, Y.Iijima, T.Saitoh, Y.Aoki, T.Koizumi, T.Hasegawa, T.Ohkuma, Y.Gosho, Y.Yamada, T.Izumi, Y.Shiohara, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 21 (2011) 1405-1408
17Mechanical and transport characteristic exploration for coated conductors by hoop stress tests *G.Nishijima, S.Awaji, N.Hirano, A.Ibi, T.Izumi, S.Nagaya, K.Shikimachi, Y.Shiohara, K.Watanabe, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1062-1066
18Over-current characteristics of model coil using Y-based multi-filament wire for superconducting power transformers *H.Okamoto, H.Hayashi, M.Iwakuma, A.Tomioka, T.Saito, Y.Gosho, K.Tanabe, Y.Shiohara, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1379-1380
19AC over-current test results of YBCO conductor for YBCO power transformer with fault current limiting function *A.Tomioka, T.Otonari, T.Ogata, M.Iwakuma, H.Okamoto, H.Hayashi, Y.Iijima, T.Saito, Y.Gosho, K.Tanabe, T.Izumi, Y.Shiohara, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1367-1373
20The short-circuit test results of 6.9 kV/2.3 kV 400 kVA-class YBCO model transformer *A.Tomioka, T.Otonari, T.Ogata, M.Iwakuma, H.Okamoto, H.Hayashi, Y.Iijima, T.Saito, Y.Gosho, K.Tanabe, T.Izumi, Y.Shiohara, PHYSICA C 471 (2011) 1374-1378