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Name of Award The winners name Awards and Organizations
june 2014 Fujisankei Business i Award Masasi Miura,
Yuh Shiohara, Director General Emeritus
Teruo Izumi, Deputy Director General
Masateru Yoshizumi, Senior research Scientist
Fujisankei Bujiness i
April 2013 The 17th Award on Superconductivity Science and Technology Tsunehiro Hato, Senior Research Scientist
Akira Tsukamoto.
Senior Research Scientist
Seiji Adachi,Senior Research Scientist
Keiichi Tanabe, Deputy Director Genera
Society of Non-Tranditional Technology
May 2012 Excellent Paper Awards Naomichi Sakai, Senior Reaearch Scientist Cryogenics and Supercunductivity Society
April 2012 the 16th Award on Superconductivity Science and Technology Yoshihiro Ishimaru,
Senior Reaearch Scientist
Society of Non-Tranditional Technology
November 2011 the 17th Electrical Science and Engineering Promotion Award Teruo Izumi, Senior Reaearch Scientist
Masateru Yoshizumi,
Chief Research Scientist
Masashi Miura, the former Research Scientist
The electrical Science and Engineering Promotion Award
September 2011 Award for continuing and significant Shinya Hasuo, Senior Reaearch Fellow IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)