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 2010 List of Paper

2010 List of Paper: Advanced Materials & Physics Division (*):First Author's
1The electrical transport properties of high quality Bi-2223 crystal :*Y.Eltsev S.Lee K.Nakao S.Tajima, SUPERCOND SCI TECH Vol.23 (2010)
2Carbonate effects in single-crystalline YBa2Cu3O7-delta : *H.Uchiyama N.Chikumoto N.Matsukura, PHYS REV B 81(2010)
3Pressure Effects on Two-Band Conduction and Superconductivity in C- and Al-Substituted MgB2 Single Crystals : *T.Masui S.Lee Y.Mikasa S.Tajima, J PHYS SOC JPN 79 (2010)
4Pressure effect on transport and superconducting properties of impurity substituted MgB2 single crystals: *T.Masui S.Lee Y.Mikasa S.Tajima, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) S627-S628
2010 List of Paper: Superconducting Tapes & Wires Division (*):First Author's
1Spatially-resolved measurement on time-dependent electromagnetic behavior in alternating current carrying coated conductor: *K.Higashikawa Y.Honda M.Inoue M.Iwakuma T.Izumi K.Nakao Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1280-1283
2Flux pinning properties of TFA-MOD (Y, Gd)Ba2Cu3Ox tapes with BaZrO3 nanoparticles: *S.Awaji T.Izumi M.Miura M.Namba Y.Shiohara K.Watanabe M.Yoshizumi, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 23 (2010)
3Coated conductors and their applications: *Freyhardt, HC T.Izumi D.Lee, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 23 (2010)
4Film growth for coated conductor-oriented REBa2Cu3Oy films by means of excimer and Nd:YAG pulsed laser deposition: *Y.Ichino T.Izumi Y.Shiohara Y.Takai Y.Yoshida T.Yoshimura M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 470 S1003-S1004
5Current transport property in GdBCO coated conductor with artificial pinning centers in a wide range of temperature, magnetic field up to 27 T, and field angle: *M.Inoue R.Fuger K.Higashikawa A,Ibi T.Izumi T.Kiss S.Miyata M.Namba K.Watanabe Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C470 (2010) 1292-1294
6Unique behaviour of RE1Ba2Cu3O7-delta superconducting tapes producing drastic reduction of pinning loss: *M.Iwakuma A.Ibi T.Izumi Y.Shiohara, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 23 (2010)
7R&D of coated conductors for applications in Japan: *T.Izumi Y.Shiohara, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 967-970
8Three-dimensional analysis of BaZrO3 pinning centers gives isotropic superconductivity in GdBa2Cu3O7-delta: *K.Kaneko JS.Barnard K.Furuya T.Hirayama A.Ibi T.Izumi T.Kato M.Kiuchi T.Matsushita PA.Midgley S.Sadayama Y.Shiohara K.Yamada Y.Yamada, J APPL PHYS 108 (2010)
9Transmission electron microscopy study of a Y1-xSmxBa2Cu3Oy-coated conductor containing BaZrO3 particles: *T.Kato T.Hirayama T.Izumi M.Miura Y.Shiohara Y.Yamada M.Yoshizumi, J ELECTRON MICROSC 59 (2010) S101-S105
10Effects of joining conditions on the structures and properties of joints of REBCO coated conductors: *T.Maebatake T.Izumi M.Miura N.Mori M.Mukaida R.Teranishi K.Yamada M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1358-1360
11Improvement of spatial homogeneity in GdBCO/IBAD-MgO coated conductor: *A.Matsekh A.Ibi M.Inoue T.Izumi T.Kiss S.Miyata Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1288-1291
12Influence of nanoparticles on flux pinning properties in TFA-MOD processed YGdBCO coated conductor: *F.Matsutani T.Izumi M.Kiuchi T.Matsushita M.Miura ES Otabe Y.Shiohara Y.Takahashi, PHYSICA C470 (2010) 1411-1414
13Hysteretic ac losses in power transmission cables with superconducting tapes: effect of tape shape: *Y.Mawatari N.Fujiwara T.Izumi AP Molozemoff Y.Shiohara K.Tanabe, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 23 (2010)
14Formation mechanism of BaZrO3 nanoparticles in Y1-xSmxBa2Cu3Oy-coated conductors derived from trifluoroacetate metal-organic deposition: *M.Miura T.Izumi Y.Shiohara M.Yoshizumi, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 23 (2010)
15Increase of the production rate and crystal growth mode of GdBa2Cu3Oy-coated conductors using an in-plume growth technique for a reel-to-reel pulsed-laser deposition system: *M.Miura T.Izumi Y.Shiohara M.Yoshizumi, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 23 (2010)
16Vortex liquid-glass transition up to 60 T in nanoengineered coated conductors grown by metal organic deposition: *M.Miura SA Baily L.Civale T.Izumi B.Maiorov K.Marken Y.Shiohara K.Tanabe Jo Willis, APPL PHYS LETT 96 (2010)
17In situ observation and simulation of growth process of faceted RE123 crystals: *N.Mori T.Izumi T.Maebatake M.Miura M.Mukaida R.Teranishi K.Yamasa M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1266-1270
18Microstructure of YBCO thin films prepared by TFA-MOD method : *I.Nagino H.Adachi T.Izumi K.Matsumoto S.Miyata Y.Shiohara M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1308-1312
19Thermal conductivity of YBCO coated conductors fabricated by IBAD-PLD method: *T.Naito H.Fujishiro N.Fujiwara Y.Gosho H.Hayashi H.Okamoto Y.Shiohara, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 23 (2010)
20Relationship between crystallization process and superconducting properties of YBCO films by TFA-MOD method using starting solution with various compositions: *K.Nakaoka T.Izumi Y.Shiohara Y.Yamada M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1242-1245
21Evaluation of geometrical effect on magnetization loss in GdBCO coated conductor: *Y.Nakayama T.Izumi M.Kiuchi T.Matsushita H.Okamoto ES Otabe T.Saito, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1313-1315
22J(c) anisotropy for magnetic field angle in YBCO coated conductor on IBAD-MgO buffered metal tapes: *H.Suzuki S.Awaji Y.Ichino T.Izumi T.Kato Y.Shiohara Y.Takai K.Watanabe Y.Shiohara M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1384-1387
23Transport and AC loss properties of the repaired multifilamentary REBCO superconducting tapes: * S.Yamasaki T.Chikumoto K.Funaki M.Iwakuma T.Izumi J.Kato K.Nakao T.Saito Y.Shiohara K.Tanabe Y,Yamada , PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1316-1320
24Effects of tin-compounds addition on J(c) and microstructure for YBCO films: *R.Teranishi S.Awaji T.Izumi M.Miura Y.Miyanaga N.Mori M.Mukaida M.Namba K.Watanabe K.Yamada M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1246-1248
25Dependence of crystallization time on microstructures and Jc properties of YBa2Cu3Oy films by TFA-MOD chemical solution process: *R.Teranishi J.Matsuda N.Mori M.Mukaida K.Nakaoka Y.Shiohara T.Tanaka, MATER SCI ENG B-ADV 173 (2010) 61-65
26イットリウム系超電導線材及びその応用開発: 塩原融、超伝導科学技術研究会会報 FSST NEWS126 (2010) 7-10
2010 List of Paper: Electronics Devices Division (*):First Author's
1Improved reproducible fabrication process of HTS-SQUIDs with ramp-edge Josephson junctions and multilayer structures: *S.Adachi T.Hato Y.Ishimaru J.Kawano Y.Oshikubo K.Tanabe A.Tsukamoto, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1515-1519
2Characterization of La-doped YBCO superconducting films deposited by DC magnetron sputtering at various off-axis geometries: *S.Adachi T.Sugano K.Tanabe H.Wakana, J CERAM SOC JPN 118 (2010) 830-836
3DC superconducting quantum interference devices fabricated using bicrystal grain boundary junctions in Co-doped BaFe2As2 epitaxial films: *T.Katase H.Hosono Y.Ishimaru T.Kamiya K.Tanabe A.Tsukamoto, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 23 (2010)
4Josephson junction in cobalt-doped BaFe2As2 epitaxial thin films on (La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O-3 bicrystal substrates:*T.Katase H.Hiramatsu H.Hosono Y.Ishimaru T.Kamiya T.Katase K.Tanabe A.Tsukamoto, APPL PHYS LETT 96 (2010)
5Non-destructive evaluation of multilayer conductor using an HTS SQUID gradiometer: *J.Kawano S.Adachi T.Hato Y.Oshikubo K.Tanabe A.Tsukamoto, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1520-1523
6Application of SQUID to magnetic contaminant detection: *S.Tanaka S.Adachi T.Akai Y.Hatsukade Y.Ikeda T.Otani S.Suzuki M.Takemoto K.Tanabe, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1507-1510
7ランプエッジ接合を用いたHTS-SQUIDの作製: 安達成司、超伝導科学技術研究会会報 FSST NEWS128 (2010) 3-7
2010 list of Paper: Low Temperature Superconducting Devices Laboratory (*):First Author's
1Origin of hydrogen-inclusion-induced critical current deviation in Nb/AlOx/Al/Nb Josephson junctions: *K.Hinode M.Hidaka S.Nagasawa T.Satoh, J APPL PHYS 107 (2010)
2Preferential diagonal penetration of vortices into square superconducting networks: *T.Tamegai M.Hidaka Y.Makajima Y.Nakamura H.Terai JS.Tsai Y.Tsuchiyama Z.Wang T.Yamamoto, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 734-738
3Anomalous vortex penetrations into square superconducting networks: *Y.Tsuchiya M.Hidaka Y.Nakajima Y.Nakamura T.Tamegai H.Terai JS.Tsai Z.Wang T.Yamamoto, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) S788-S789
4100 GHz Demonstrations Based on the Single-Flux-Quantum Cell Library for the 10 kA/cm(2) Nb Multi-Layer Process: *Y.Yamanashi H.Akaike A.Fujimaki M.Hidaka T.Kainuma I.Kataeva S.Nagasawa N.Takagi M.Tanaka N.Yoshikawa, IEICE T ELECTRON E93C (2010) 440-444
5"Basic Knowledge and Current Status of Single-Flux-Quantum (SFQ) Technology" M. Hidaka, Magnetics Jpn. 5 (2010) 4-11.
単一磁束量子(SFQ)技術の基礎と現状: 日高 睦夫, まぐね 5 (2010) 4-11
2010 List of Paper: Electric Power Equipment Division (*):First Author's
1Ac losses in two-layer superconducting power transmission cables consisting of coated conductors with a magnetic substrate: *N.Amemiya N.Fujiwara N.Nakahata Y.Shiohara, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 23 (2010)
2Development of YBCO power devices in Japan: *N.Fujiwara H.Hayashi S.Nagaya Y.Shiohara, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 980-985
3Degradation characteristics of YBCO coated conductors due to fault-current in power cable applications: *H.Kono Y.Aoki N.Fujiwara A.Ishiyama S.Mukoyama T.Saitoh H.Ueda X.Wang M.Yagi, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1334-1337
4AC loss characteristics of superconducting power transmission cables: gap effect and J(c) distribution effect: *Li, QA N.Amemiya N.Fujiwara T.nakamura K.Takeuchi, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 23 (2010)
5Design and evaluation of 66 kV class RE-123 superconducting cable: *T.minamino N.Fujiwara A.Ishiyama T.Masuda T.Nagaishi M.Ohya Y.Shingai H.Ueda X.Wang H.Yumura, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1576-1579
6Conceptual design of 275 kV class high-Tc superconducting cable:*S.Mukoyama N.Fujiwara H.Ichikawa M.Yagi, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1563-1566
7Computer simulation of fault current characteristics in 275 kV class YBCO power cable: *S.Sato Y.Aoki N.Fujiwara A.Ishiyama S.Mukoyama T.Saitoh H.Ueda X.Wang M.Yagi, PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1572-1575
8Numerical simulation on fault current condition in 66 kV class RE-123 superconducting cable: *X.Wang N.Fujiwara A.Ishiyama M.Ohya H.Ueda H.Yumura,PHYSICA C 470 (2010) 1580-1583
9Thermal Characteristics of 275 kV/3 kA Class YBCO Power Cable: *XD.Wang Y.Aoki N.Fujiwara A.Ishiyama T.Saitoh H.Ueda M.Yagi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 20 (2010) 1264-1267