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2009 List of Paper

2009 List of Paper: Advanced Materials & Physics Division (*):First Author's
1Development of inside-plume PLD process for the fabrication of large I-c(B) REBCO tapes;(*)N.Chikumoto, S.Lee, K.Nakao, K.Tanabe,PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1303-1306
2Development of In-Plume Pulsed Laser Deposition of High-Ic GdBCO Films for Coated Conductors;N.Chikumoto, (*)S.Lee, T.Machi, K.Nakao, K.Tanabe ,T.Yokoyama,IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 3192-3195
3Comparative study of macroscopic quantum tunneling in Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oy intrinsic Josephson junctions with different device structures;K.Hamada, H.Kitano, T.Machi, A.Maeda, M.Ohmaki, (*)K.Ota, M.Suzuki, R.Takemura, K.Tanabe,PHYS REV B 79 (2009)
4High Tc SQUID Detection System for Metallic Contaminant in Lithium Ion Battery;T.Akai, Y.Hatsukade, Y.Ikeda, T.Ohtani, S.Suzuki, K.Tanabe, (*)S.Tanaka,IEEE T MAGN 45 (2009) 4510-4513
5Nd1+xBa2Cu3O7+δ単結晶試料のピン止め特性の向上;(*)町 敬人 ,低温工学 44 (2009) 594-595
6Pulsed Field Magnetization for GdBaCuO Bulk With Stronger Pinning Characteristics;(*)H.Fujishiro, I.Hirabayashi, T.Hiyama, T.Miura, T.Naito, S.Nariki, N.Sakai,IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 3545-3548
7Position feedback control using magneto impedance sensors on conveyor with superconducting magnetic levitation;H.Fujita, T.Lizuka, (*)N.Sakai,SENSOR ACTUAT A-PHYS 150 (2009) 110-115
8Observation of record flux pinning in melt-textured NEG-123 superconductor doped by Nb, Mo, and Ti nanoparticles;I.Hirabayashi, M.Jirsa, M.Murakami, (*)M.Muralidhar, N.Sakai, M.Tomota,PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1196-1199
10Solid Phase (RE2BaO4)-Liquid Phase (BaCuO2) Reaction: The Way to Highly Oriented ErBa2Cu3Oy Superconducting Thick Films on Commercial Silver Substrates;M.Jirsa, (*)M.Muralidhar, N.Sakai S.Tanaka,CRYST GROWTH DES 9 (2009) 2404-2408
11Superconducting magnetic bearing for a flywheel energy storage system using superconducting coils and bulk superconductors;M.Murakami, (*)K.Nagashima ,N.Sakai, H.Seino,PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1244-1249
12Transmission Electron Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy Observation of Air-Processed GdBa2Cu3O7-delta Superconductors Doped with Metal Oxide Nanoparticles (Metal = Zr, Zn, and Sn);I,Hirabayashi, Hu.Am, M.Ichihara, M.Izumi, N.Sakai, CZ.Xu, (*)Y.Xu,JPN J APPL PHYS 48 (2009)
13Flux pinning properties in a GdBa2Cu3O7-delta bulk superconductor with the addition of magnetic alloy particles;I.Hirabayashi, M.Izumi, M.Murakami, N.Sakai, K.Tsuzuki, CX.Xu, (*)Y.Xu, YF.Zhang,SUPERCOND SCI TECH 22 (2009)
14Y系テープ線材への高エネルギー重イオン照射によるピン止め中心導入と臨界電流密度特性;(*)筑本 知子、中島 一雄、宇敷 洋、寺井 隆幸、低温工学 44 (2009) 523-528
2009 List of Paper: Superconducting Tapes & Wires Division (*):First Author's
1Magnetic Field Dependence of Critical Current and Microstructure in TFA-MOD Y1-x Sm-x Ba2Cu3Oy With Nanoparticles for Coated Conductors;T.Hirayama, T.Izumi, T.Kato, (*)M.Miura, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 3275-3278
2Visualization of non-uniform current flow in coated conductors by scanning Hall-probe magnetic microscopy;(*)K.Abiru, Y.Honda, Y.Iijima, M.Inoue, K.Kakimoto, T.Kiss, K.Nakao, T.Saitoh, Y.Shiohara, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1450-1453
3Transport losses in polygonal assemblies of coated conductors with textured-metal substrate; (*)N.Amemiya, Z.Jiang, T.Kato, T.Matsuda, K.Ohmatsu, Y.Shiohara, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1427-1431
4Coupled Analysis Method for High-Field Magnet Coil Using Coated Conductor Based on J-E Characteristics as a Function of Temperature, Magnetic Field Vector and Mechanical Strain;S.Awaji, H.Fukushima, (*)K.Higashikawa, M.Inoue, T.Kiss, T.Nakamura, Y.Shiohara, K.Watanabe, Y.Yamada, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 1621-1625
5Significant reduction in volume, stored energy and magnetization loss of high-field magnet coil based on the improvement of critical current characteristics in GdBCO coated conductor; S.Awaji, H.Fukushima, (*)K.Higashikawa, M.Inoue, T.Kiss, Y.Shiohara, K.Watanabe, Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1776-1780
6Dependence of superconducting layer thickness on critical current density of IBAD/CVD-processed YBCO coated conductors;(*)K.Himeki, N.Kashima, M.Kiuchi, T.Matsushima, S.Nagaya, ES.Otabe, K.Shikimachi, Y.Shiohara, T.Watanabe, Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1457-1461
7Development of a turbine cryocooler for high temperature superconductor applications;(*)H.Hirai, M.Hirokawa, M.Iwakuma, Y.Kamioka, H.Kobayashi, Y.Shiohara, Y.Suzuki, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1857-1861
8High speed production of YBCO precursor films by advanced TFA-MOD process;(*)H.Ichikawa, T.Izumi, M.Miura, A.Nakai, T.Nakanishi, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sitoh, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1329-1331
9Critical current property in YBCO coated conductor fabricated by improved TFA-MOD process;S.Awaji, (*)M.Inoue, T.Izumi, T.Kiss, K.motoyama, Y.Shiohara, K.Watanabe, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1443-1445
10Observation of Current Distribution in High-T-c Superconducting Tape Using Scanning Hall-Probe Microscope;K.Abiru, Y.Honda, Y.Iijima, (*)M.Inoue, K.Kakimoto, T.Kiss, K.Nakao, T.Saitoh, Y.Shiohara, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 2847-2850
11Degradation Characteristics of YBCO-Coated Conductors Subjected to Overcurrent Pulse;(*)A.Ishiyama, N.Kashima, T.Machi, S.Mukoyama, S.Nagaya, Y.Nishio, Y.Shiohara, H.Ueda, T.Watanabe, M.Yagi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 3483-3486
12Development of REBCO superconducting power transformers in Japan;H.Hayashi, Y.Iijima, (*)M.Iwakuma, T.Izumi, M.Konno, H.Okamoto, T.Saito, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sizuki, A.Tomioka, Y.Yamada, S.Yoshida, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1726-1732
13Production and Test of a REBCO Superconducting Synchronous Motor;Y.Hase, Y.Iijima, (*)M.Iwakuma, T.Izumi, M.Konno, T.Saitou, Y.Shiohara, A.Tomioka, Y.Yamada, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 1648-1651
14Present status and strategy of reel-to-reel TFA-MOD process for coated conductors;H.Fukushima, Y.Ichikawa, (*)T.Izumi, M.Miura, S.Miyata, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sutoh, Y.Yamada, M.Yishizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1322-1325
15Development of TFA-MOD Process for Coated Conductors in Japan;Y.Aoki, H.Fukushima, T.Hasegawa, A.Ibi, Y.Ichikawa, T.Itoh, (*)T.Izumi, A.Kaneko, T.Izumi, A.Kaneko, T.Koizumi, M.Miura ,S.Miyata, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sutoh, T.Takahashi, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 3119-3122
16The Use of Low Temperature Scanning Microscope for Estimating In-Plane Thermal Diffusivity in YBCO Thin Film;M.Inoue, T.Izumi, T.Kiss, (*)A.Matsekh, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sutoh, M.Yoshizumi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 2867-2871
17Superconducting layer thickness of relaxation properties of persistent current in high magnetic field in YBCO-coated conductor;K.Himeki, A.Ibi, T.Matsushita, (*)F.Matsutani, S.Miyata, M.Machi, ES.Otabe, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1122-1125
18Rare Earth Substitution Effects and Magnetic Field Dependence of Critical Current in Y1-xRExBa2Cu3Oy Coated Conductors with Nanoparticles (RE = Sm, Gd);T.Hirayama, T.Izumi, T.Kato, (*)M.Miura, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, APPL PHYS EXPRESS 2 (2009)
19Development of multi-turn reel-to-reel crystallization large furnace for high production rate of YBa2Cu3Oy coated conductors derived from TFA-MOD process;H.Ichikawa, T.Izumi, (*)M.Miura, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sutoh, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1336-1340
20Effects of Sn-doping on J(C)-B properties and crystalline structure for YBCO films by advanced TFA-MOD method;S.Awaji, M.Inoue, T.Izumi, T.Kiss, (*)Y.Miyanaga, N.Mori, M.Mukaida, K.Nakaoka, M.Nanba, Y.Shiohara, R.Teranishi, K.Watanabe, K.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1418-1421
21Development of (RE)BCO cables for HTS power transmission lines;N.Amemiya, Y.Aoki, A.Ishiyama, T.Izumi, N.Kashima, T.Masuda, (*)S.Mukoyama, S.Nagaya, Y.Shiohara, M.Yagi, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1688-1692
22Investigation on starting solution of TFA-MOD process for high-speed production of YBCO coated conductors;H.Ichikawa, T.Izumi, M.Miura, (*)K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sutoh, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1326-1328
23Development of 1 kA class HTS coil for superconducting power transformers;H.Hayashi, Y.Iijiama, M.Ieakuma, T.Izumi, (*)H.Okamoto, T.Saito, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1733-1735
24Reversible strain limit of critical currents and universality of intrinsic strain effect for REBCO-coated conductors;Y.Aoki, T.Hasegawa, A.Ibi,Y.Iijima, T.Kato, S.Nagaya, K.Nakao, N.Nakashima, (*)K.Osamura, T.Saitoh, Y.Shiohara, M.Sugano, Y.Yamada, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 22 (2009)
25Japanese efforts on coated conductor processing and its power applications: New 5 year project for materials and power applications of coated conductors (M-PACC);N.Fujiwara, H.Hayashi, T.Izumi, S.Nagaya, (*)Y.Shiohara, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 863-867
26Electrodeposition of textured nickel on nickel alloy Hastelloy;H.Fukushima, T.Izumi, N.Mori, M.Mukaida, S.Ooue, Y.Shiohara, (*)M.Sugimoto, R.Teranishi, K.Yamada, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1371-1373
27Fabrication of high I-c film for GdBCO coated conductor by continuous in-plume PLD;T.Izumi, M.Miura, S.Miyata, Y.Shiohara, (*)Y.Sutoh, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1307-1310
28Degradation Due to Bending Fatigue Strain in YBCO Coated Conductors;T.Asano, N.Kashima, S.Mitsui, K.Nakao, R.Sakabe, Y.Shiohara, (*)T.Takao, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 2988-2990
29High-J(c) YBCO films using precursors with barium concentration gradient in film thickness by TFA-MOD process;M.Inoue, T.Izumi, T.Kiss, M.Miura, N.Mori, M.Mukaida, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, K.Tada, (*)R.Teranishi, K.Yamada,J .Yoshida, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1345-1348
30J(C) properties and microstructures of YBCO films fabricated by low temperature calcination in TFA-MOD method;M.Inoue, T.Izumi, T.Kiss, J.Natsuda, N.Mori, M.Mukaida, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, (*)R.Teranishi, K.Yamada, J.Yoshida, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1332-1335
31Crystal Growth of Ba Concentration Controlled YBCO Films by TFA-MOD Process;T.Izumi, M.Miura, N.Mori, M.Mukaida, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, K.Tada, (*)R.Teranishi, K.Yamada, J.Yoshida, M.Yoshizumi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 3200-3203
32Dependence of microstructures on growth rate in YBCO films by TFA-MOD method;T.Izumi, A.Mitani, M.Miura, N.Mori, M.Mukaida, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, (*)R.Teranishi, K.Yamada, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1349-1352
33Over-current characteristics of YBCO superconducting cable;A.Ishiyama, N.Kashima, S.Mukoyama, S.Nagaya, Y.Shiohara, H.Ueda, (*)X.Wang, M.Yagi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1717-1721
34Over-Current Characteristics of a 20-m-Long YBCO Model Cable;A.Ishiyama, N.Kashima, T.Masuda, S.Mukoyama, S.Nagaya, Y.Shiohara, H.Ueda, (*)XD.Wang, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 1722-1726
35Development of a 10 m long 1 kA 66/77 kV YBCO HTS cable with low AC loss and a joint with low electrical resistance;N.Amemiya, N.Kashima, S.Mukoyama, S.Nagaya, Y.Shiohara, (*)M.Yagi, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 22 (2009)
36Development of 1 m HTS conductor using YBCO on textured metal substrate;N.Amemiya, N.Kashima, S.Mukoyama, S.Nagaya, Y.Shiohara, (*)M.Yagi, K.Yamamoto, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1693-1696
37Long IBAD-MgO and PLD coated conductor;H.Fukushima, T.Hirayama, A.Ibi, T.Izumi, T.Kato, S.Miyata, Y.Shiohara, (*)Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1298-1302
38Development of Long Length IBAD-MgO and PLD Coated Conductors;H.Fukushima, T.Hirayama, A.Ibi, T.Izumi, T.Kato, S.Miyata, Y.Shiohara, (*)Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 3236-3239
39Design and Experimental Results of Three-Phase Superconducting Fault Current Limiter Using Highly-Resistive YBCO Tapes;N.Amemiya, Y.Iijima, K.Koyanagi ,M.Ono, T.Saitoh, M.Sakai, Y.Shiohara, M.Takahashi, H.Takigami, K.Toba, M.Urata, (*)T.Yazawa, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 1956-1959
40High production rate of IBAD-MgO buffered substrate;H.Fukushima, A.Ibi, T.Izumi, S.Miyata, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, (*)M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1361-1363
2009 List of Paper: Electronics Devices Division (*):First Author's
1NDE of coated-conductor using HTS SQUID array;S.Adachi, K.Hata, (*)T.Hato, T.Machi, Y.Oshikubo, Y.Suto, K..Tanabe, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1630-1633
2Non-Destructive Testing of YBCO Coated-Conductor by Multi-Channel HTS SQUID Gradiometers;S.Adachi, K.Hata, (*)T.Hato, T.Machi, K..Tanabe, Y.Tarutani, H.Wakana, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 804-807
3Robot-Based NDE System Using 3D-Mobile HTS-SQUID; (*)Y.Hatsukade, K.Hayashi, S.Kanai, K.Tanabe, S.Tanaka, Y.Tarutani, H.Wakana, K.Yotsugi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 796-800
4Logic Operation of HTS SFQ Logic Family;S.Adachi, K.Tanabe, Y.Tarutani, (*)K.Tsubone, H.Wakana, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 3758-3765
5Development of Integrated HTS SQUIDs With a Multilayer Structure and Ramp-Edge Josephson Junctions;S.Adachi,K.Hata,T.Hato,K.Tanabe,Y.Tarutani,(*)H.Wakana, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 782-785
6Recent activities at ISTEC;(*)Shinya Hasuo ,European Superconductivity News Forum
2009 List of Paper: Low Temperature Superconducting Devices Laboratory
 (*):First Author's
1Yield evaluation of 10-kA/cm2 Nb multi-layer fabrication process using conventional superconducting RAMs; S. Nagasawa, T. Satoh, K. Hinode, Y. Kitagawa, and M. Hidaka, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 17 (2007) 177-180.
2A new design methodology for single-flux-quantum (SFQ) logic circuits using passive-transmission-lines (PTL) wiring; Y. Kameda, S. Yorozu, and Y. Hashimoto, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 17 (2007) 508-511.
3Implementation and experimental evaluation of a cryocooled system prototype for high-throughput SFQ digital applications; Y. Hashimoto, S. Yorozu, T. Miyazaki, Y. Kameda, H. Suzuki, H. Kojima, and N. Yoshikawa, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 17 (2007) 546-551.
4Improvement of fabrication process for 10 kA/cm2 multi-layer Nb integrated circuits; T. Satoh, K. Hinode, S. Nagasawa, Y. Kitagawa, and M. Hidaka, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 17 (2007) 169-172.
5Design and demonstration of high-functionality logic cells for miniaturization of SFQ switches; T. Nakagawa, Y. Hashimoto, Y. Kameda, S. Yorozu, K. Miyahara, Physica C 463 (2007) 1076-1079.
6Measurement of Superconductive Voltage Drivers up to 25 Gb/s/ch;K.Fujiwara, (*)Y.Hashimoto, M.Hidaka, M.Maruyama, H.Suzuki, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 1022-1025
7Hydrogen-Inclusion-Induced Critical Current Deviation of Nb/AlOx/Nb Josephson Junctions in Superconducting Integrated Circuits;M.Hidaka, (*)K.Hinode, S.Nagasawa, T.Satoh, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 131-134
8A Flash A/D Converter Using Complementarily Combined SQUIDs;Y.Hashimoto, M.Hidaka, (*)M.Maruyama, H.Suzuki,IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 680-684
9New Nb multi-layer fabrication process for large-scale SFQ circuits;H.Akaike, A.Fujimaki, M.Hidaka, Y.Kitagawa, (*)S.Nagasawa, T.Satoh, K.Takagi, N.Takagi, N.Yoshikaea, PHYSICA C 469 (2009) 1578-1584
10Planarization Process for Fabricating Multi-Layer Nb Integrated Circuits Incorporating Top Active Layer;H.Akaike, A.Fujimaki, M.Hidaka, K.Kitagawa, S.Nagasawa, (*)T.Saitoh, K.Takagi, N.Takagi, N.Yoshikawa,IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 167-170
11Possible Application of Flash-Type SFQ A/D Converter to Optical Communication Systems and Their Measuring Instruments;K.Fujiwara, Y.Hashimoto, M.Hidaka, M.Maruyama, (*)H.Suzuki, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 19 (2009) 611-616
12Operation of a Josephson arbitrary waveform synthesizer with optical data input;Y.Hashimoto, M.Hidaka, N.Kaneko, S.Kiryu, M.Maezawa, M.Maruyama, S.Nagasawa, T.Satoh, A.Shoji, H.Suzuki, (*)C.Urano, H.Yamamori, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 22 (2009)
13超電導デバイスの実装技術の進展-クライオクーラーを用いた超電導デバイスシステム-;(*)鈴木 秀雄 ,低温工学 44 (2009) 1-9