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2008 List of Paper

2008 list of Paper:  Advanced Materials & Physics Division (*):First Author's
1Quenching characteristics of electrical contacts using YBaCuO bulk superconductor ; H.Fujita,(*) K.Fukuda, I.Hirabayashi, M.Murakami,K.Ogawa, N.Sakai, K.Sawa, M.Tomita, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1465-1468
2Homogenizing field-trapping capabilities of bulk Y-Ba-Cu-O superconductors fabricated using Ba-Cu-O oxide substrates for practical applications;K.Iwafuchi, (*)M.Matsui ,M.Murakami, S.Nariki, N.Sakai, N.Tsuji, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 21 (2008)
3Record flux pinning in melt-textured NEG-123 doped by Mo and Nb nanoparticles ; I.Hirabayashi, M.Jirsa, M.Murakami, (*)M.Muralidhar, N.Sakai,APPL PHYS LETT 92 (2008)
4New method of synthesis and physical properties of thick superconducting Er-123 films;I.Hirabayashi, T.Machi, T.Miyajiri, M.Muralidhar, N.Sakai, S.Yanaka,PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1345-1349
5Current progress in ternary LREBa2Cu3Oy materials and their application ;I.Hirabayashi, M.Jirsa, M.Murakami, (*)M.Muralidhar, N.Sakai, MATER SCI ENG B-ADV 151 (2008) 90-94
6Thermal conductivity of Er-Ba-Cu-O and Ho-Ba-Cu-O superconducting bulks;H.Fujishiro ,K.Iida, M.Murakami, (*)T.Naito, S.Nariki,SUPERCOND SCI TECH 21
7Preparation and properties of Eu-Ba-Cu-O superconducting bulk magnets for NMR application ;I.Hirabayashi, Y.Itoh,T. Nakamura, (*)S.Nariki, H.Utumi, M.Yoshikawa,PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1451-1455
8A study on levitation force and its time relaxation behavior for a bulk superconductor-magnet system ;S.Araki ,I.Hirabayashi, Y.Iwasa, K.Koibuchi, Y.Miyazaki, M.Murakami, K.Nagashima, K.Ogawa, N.Sakai, K.Sawa, H.Seino, (*)T.Suzuki, K.Takeuchi,PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1461-1464
9Effect of ZrO2 and ZnO nanoparticles inclusions on superconductive properties of the melt-processed GdBa2Cu3O7-delta bulk superconductor;I.Hirabayashi, A.Hu, M.Izumi, N.Sakai, C.Xu, (*)Y.Xu,PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1363-1365
10Single pulsed field magnetization for a Gd-Ba-Cu-O high-temperature superconductor large bulk with a diameter of 140 mm;I.Hirabayashi ,M.Izumi, Y.Kimura, S.Nariki,(*) K.Yamaguchi,MATER SCI ENG B-ADV 151 (2008) 101-106
2008 list of Paper: Superconducting Tapes & Wires Division (*):First Author's
1Transport losses in single and assembled coated conductors with textured-metal substrate with reduced magnetism;(*)N.Amemiya, Z.Jiang,N.Kashima,T.Kato, Z.Li,S. Nagaya, M.Nakahata, S.Shiohara, M.Ueyama,PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1718-1722
2Relaxation properties of persistent current in YBCO-coated conductors;(*)K.Himeki, M.kiuchi, A.Ibi, T.Matsushita, S.Miyata, ES.Otabe, Y.Syhiohara, Y.Yamada,PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1674-1678
3Development of long REBCO coated conductors with artificial pinning centers by using MPMT-PLD method;H.Fukushima, T.Hirayama, (*)A.Ibi, T.Kato, A.Kinoshita, H.Kobayashi, R.Kuriki, S.Miyata, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1514-1517
4Over-current characteristics of superconducting model cable using YBCO coated conductors;(*)A.Ishiyama, N.Kashima, S.Mukoyama, S.Nagaya, Y.Shiohara, H.Ueda, X.Wang, M.Yagi, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 2041-2045
5Transient stability characteristics of a 1-m single-layer YBCO cable;(*)A.Ishiyama, N.Kashima, S.Mukoyama, S.Nagaya, Y.Shiohara, H.Ueda, X.Wang, M.Yagi, IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 18 (2008) 1228-1231
6Development of a 7.5 kW YBCO superconducting synchronous motor;Y.Hase, Y.Iijima, (*)M.Iwakuma, T.Izumi, M.Konno, T.Saitoh, T.Satou, T.Shiohara, A.Tomioka, Y.Yamada,IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 18 (2008) 689-692
7Research and development of reel-to-reel TFA-MOD process for coated conductors;Y.Aoki, T.Goto, T.Hasegawa, Y.Ichikawa, (*)T.Izumi, M.Miura, A.Nakai, T.Nakanishi, Y.Shiohara,Y.Sutoh, A.Yajima, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi,PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1527-1530
8The dependence of AC loss characteristics on the space in stacked YBCO conductors;N.Amemiya, Y.Iijima, (*)Z.Jiang, K.Kakimoto, T.Saitoh, Y.Shiohara, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 21 (2008)
9Influence of substrate magnetism of coated conductors on critical current distribution measurement using magnetic knife method;N.Amemiya, Z.Jiang, N.Kashima, T.Kato, S.Nagaya, T.Onuma, Y.Shiohara, M.Ueyama, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1688-1692
10Diffusion joint using silver layer of YBCO coated conductors for applications;N.Chikumoto, A.Ibi, T.Izumi, (*)J.Kato, S.Miyata, K.Nakao, N.Sakai, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sutoh, Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1571-1574
11Measurement of AC current distributions in HTS tapes;(*)S.Kawabata, A.Shimotamari, Y.Shiohara, F.Sumiyoshi, N.Tashiro,PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1734-1738
12Effect of Ba/Y ratio in starting solution on microstructure evolution of YBCO films deposited by advanced TFA-MOD process;T.Izumi, (*)J.Matsuda, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 997-1005
13Microstructure evolution of YBCO films deposited by advanced TFA-MOD process;T.Izumi, (*)J.Matsuda, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1017-1023
14Transmission electron microscopic studies on growth mechanism of YBa2Cu3O7-y films formed by advanced trifluoroacetates metalorganic deposition process;T.Izumi, (*)J.Matsuda, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, J MATER RES 23 (2008) 3353-3362
15Effect of fabrication conditions on crystalline of SmBCO films fabricated by TFA-MOD method;M.Iniue, T.Izumi, T.Kiss, J.Matsuda, (*)A.Mitani, N.Mori, M.Mukaida, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, R.Teranishi, K.Yamada,PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1546-1549
16Enhancement of flux pinning in Y1-xSmxBa1.5Cu3Oy coated conductors with nanoparticles;T.Hirayama, T.Izumi, T.Kato, (*)M.Miura, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, APPL PHYS EXPRESS 1 (2008)
17Introduction of pinning center to enhance I-c under magnetic fields in REBCO coated conductors fabricated by advanced TFA-MOD process;T.Goto, T.Izumi, (*)M.Miura, S.Miyata, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sutoh, A.Yajima, Y.Yamada, A.Yoshinaka, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1643-1646
18Development and fundamental characteristics of a YBCO superconducting induction/synchronous motor operated in liquid nitrogen;T.Izumi, N.Kashima, (*)K.Nagao, S.Nagaya, T.Nakamura, T.Nishimura, Y.Ogama, Y.Shiohara, K.Suzuki, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 21 (2008)
19YBCO growth on textured NiW substrates by TFA-MOD method;H.Ichikawa, T.Izumi, M.Mimura, M.Miura, (*)A.Nakai, T.Nakanishi, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sutoh, M.Uoshizumi, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1534-1536
20AC loss properties in YBCO model coils for loss reduction;H.Hayashi, M.Iwakuma, T.Izumi, A.Kawagoe, M.Konno, (*)H.Okamoto,  M.Owa, Y.Shiohara, F.Sumiyashi, K.Suzuki,A.Tomioka Y.Yamada, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1731-1733
21Current status and future prospects of Japanese national project on coated conductor development and its applications;T.Izumi, (*)Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1498-1503
22Present status and future prospect of coated conductor development and its application in Japan;T.Izumi, Y.Shiohara, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, SUPERCOND SCI TECH 21 (2008)
23Effects of a ferromagnetic substrate on hysteresis losses of a YBa2Cu3O7 coated conductor in perpendicular ac applied magnetic fields;Y.Aoki, M.Iwakuma, T.Izumi, M.Miura, (*)M.Suenaga, T.Sueyoshi, Y.Takahashi, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1714-1717
24Formation of CeO2 buffer layer using multi-plume PLD;T.Izumi, Y.Iijima, J.Matsuda, M.Miura, S.Miyata, A.Nakai, T.Nakanishi, K.Nakaoka,T.Saitoh, Y.Shiohara, (*)Y.Sutoh, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1594-1596
25Development of scribing process of coated conductors for reduction of AC losses;A.Ibi, M.Iwakuma, T.Izumi, S.Miyata, Y.Shiohara, (*)K.Suzuki, Y.Yamada, M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1579-1582
26Growth process of Ba-poor YBCO film fabricated by TFA-MOD process;M.Inoue, T.Izumi, T.Kiss, J.Matsuda, N.Mori, M.Mukaida, Y.Shiohara, (*)K.Tada, R.Teranishi, K.Yamada. J.Yoshida, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1554-1558
27Development of YBCOHTS cable with low AC loss;N.Amemiya, N.Kashima, S.Mukoyama, S.Nagaya, Y.Shiohara, (*)M.Yagi, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 2037-2040
28Superconducting properties in magnetic fields of LTG-Sm1+xBa2-xCu3Oy films on Ni-W textured substrate;Y.Aoki, Y.Ichino, T.Izumi, Y.Shiohara, Y.Takahashi, Y.Takai, S.Yamaguchi, (*)Y.Yoshida, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1619-1622
29Superconducting fault current limiter using high-resistive YBCO tapes;N.Amemiya, Y.Iijima, K.Koyanagi, M.Ono, T.Saito, Y.Shiohara, M.Takahashi, H.Takigami, K.Toba, M.Urata, (*)T.Yazawa, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 2046-2049
30Effect of calcination conditions on microstructures and J(c) of YBCO films fabricated by TFA-MOD method;M.Inoue, T.Izumi, T.Kiss, J.Matsuda, N.Mori, M.Mukaida, K.Nakaoka, Y.Yoshida, K.Tada, T.Tanaka, R.Teranishi, K.Yamada, (*)J.Yoshida, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1550-1553
31Crystal growth of YBCO coated conductors by TFA-MOD method;T.Izumi, J.Matsuda, T.Nakanishi, K.Nakaoka, Y.Shiohara, Y.Sutoh, (*)M.Yoshizumi, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1531-1533
32Improvement of spatial homogeneity in IBAD based YBCO coated conductors;K.Enpuku, A.Ibi, M.Inoue, N.Kashima, T.Kiss, S.Miyata, M.Mori, S.Nagaya, Y.Shiohara, T.Watanabe, Y.Yamada, (*)Z.Zulkifli, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1518-1521
2008 list of Paper: Electronics Devices Division (*):First Author's
1Preparation of multilayer films for integrated high-T-c SQUIDs with ramp-edge Josephson junctions;(*)S.Adachi, K.Hata, T.Hato, T.Sugano, K.Tanabe, Y.Tarutani, H.Wakana, PHYSICA C 468 (2008) 1936-1941
2Advances in High-T-c single flux quantum device technologies;S.Adachi, T.Hato, Y.Ishimaru, M.Maruyama, H.Suzuki, (*)K.Tanabe, Y.Tarutani, K.Tsubone, H.Wakana, A.Yoshida, IEICE T ELECTRON E91C (2008) 280-292
2008 list of Paper: Low Temperature Superconducting Devices Laboratory
 (*):First Author's
1Superconductor/semiconductor hybrid analog-to-digital converter;(*)F.Furuta, K.Saitoh, H.Suzuki, A.Yoshida,IEICE T ELECTRON E91C (2008) 356-363
2Development of cryopackaging and I/O technologies for high-speed superconductive digital systems;(*)Y.Hashimoto, Y.Kameda, S.Yorozu, IEICE T ELECTRON E91C (2008) 325-332
3Improvements in fabrication process for Nb-based single flux quantum circuits in Japan;(*)M.Hidaka, K.Hinode, S.Nagasawa, T.Satoh, IEICE T ELECTRON E91C (2008) 318-324
4Hydrogen-inclusion-induced variation of critical current in Nb-AlOx-Nb Josephson junctions;(*)M.Hidaka, K.Hinode, KS.Nagasawa, T.Satoh, J APPL PHYS 104 (2008)
5Design and demonstration of a 4 x 4 SFQ network switch prototype system and 10-Gbps bit-error-rate measurement;Y.Hashimoto, (*)Y.Kameda, S.Yorozu, IEICE T ELECTRON E91C (2008) 333-341
6Large-Scale SFQ Switches Using Miniaturized 2 x 2 Switch Cell;Y.Hashimoto, M.Hidaka,(*)Y.Kameda, K.Miyahara, T.Nagagawa, S.Yorozu,IEEE T APPL SUPERCON 18 (2008) 1790-1796
7Direct measurements of propagation delay of single-flux-quantum Circuits by time-to-digital converters;A.Fujimaki, Y.Hashimoto, (*)K.Nakamiya H.Terai, N.Yoshikawa, IEICE ELECTRON EXPR 5 (2008) 332-337