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* Submission of Abstracts was closed on July 19, 2013.
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* Scope

   The International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS2013) will consist of oral and poster sessions, covering the latest findings and related topics in the following research fields of superconductivity science and technology.

(a)Physics and Chemistry:
Physical properties of superconductors, Novel superconductors, Material chemistry of superconductors, Vortex physics, etc.
(b)Wires, Tapes, and Characterization:
New materials and processing, Critical current, Weak links, Mechanical properties, AC loss, and Standardization.
(c)Films, Junctions, and Electronic Devices:
Film and junction processing, Characterization, Device physics, SQUIDs, High-frequency devices, Digital devices, Detectors, Quantum bits, System applications, and Standardization.
(d) Large Scale System Applications:
Magnets, SMES, Motors and generators, Cables, FCLs, Bearings, Flywheels, Renewable energy application, and Windmill application, using HTS and LTS materials.


* Categories

   Please select an appropriate category.

  • 1. Physics and Chemistry: Material Chemistry
  • 2. Physics and Chemistry: Physical Properties
  • 3. Physics and Chemistry: Vortex physics
  • 4. Physics and Chemistry: Bulks
  • 5. Wires, Tapes, and Characterization
  • 6. Films, Junctions, and Electronic Devices
  • 7. Large Scale System Applications ( Including Applications of Bulks )


* Instruction for Abstract-preparation
  • The Abstract should be typed in English.
  • The title is requested to consist of less than 180 characters, and to be written with capital letters in principle.
  • The Abstract body is requested to consist of less than 1600 characters. Specific characters can be used with some HTML tags (&plusmn; for ±, &alpha; for α, <SUP>, <SUB>, <I>, <B>, <br>, etc.)
  • Please do not use < and >, use &lt; and &gt;. It is an important rule of HTML manner.
  • Affiliations of all authors must be noted.
  • Other details are shown on the input pages. You are requested to follow the directions.


* Program Number
   The program number (i.e. the day&time for your presentation) will be discussed at the 2nd Program Committee (August 07, 2013). After scheduling and coordination for details, it will be e-mailed to the author in September.

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